imagesI am currently on a total “I LOVE SUSHI” craze.
Its actually getting out of hand. I’ve started scouring downtown Toronto for sushi takeout so I can bring it in to work with me.
Heavens, I dont know what I will do when I start working 9-5s again. I’ll have to get my sushi fix after work instead of being able to pick some up for my lunch/dinner before I start work at 3pm.
Sushi is just… Okay Im going to try and explain why I love it.
Chopsticks. Anyone who knows me knows I love a puzzle. Chopsticks are like those wooden or metal puzzles I buy from the Trick shop that you have to figure out how to separate. In the case of Chopsticks, the puzzle is using the sticks to transfer food from plate to my mouth with a minimum of mess.
So far, I’ve developed my own system of transfer – and NO i dont stab my maki anymore!
I’ve taken to holding my sticks with a certain death grip and it works. Just trust me.
The only thing I guess I should be ashamed of is that I havent picked up on all the sushi lingo yet. I know maki is the roll, and a dragon roll is a roll covered in eel, and I know i do NOT like miso soup.
I did only recently learn it is called Miso Soup and not Misosoo.
Also is it racist that I slightly bow when thanking my server for my meal as Im leaving?
Or is it more racist that I put my hands together like Im praying and slightly bow if its an older person?
I prefer to think it is RESPECT. Respect derived from the very little I know about Japanese culture. A culture founded on respect for the elderly. And martial arts.
Im going to remove my shoe from my mouth now and wildly acclaim my love for all Asians and that I have asian friends and they put up with me so you can too!
I really love sushi though. I cant get enough. Im un-sushi-ated! (TRADEMARKED!)
I may not know much about it yet, but I know it looks beautiful- the preparation is so artistic- and it tastes really good.

Spring Sushi at Yonge and Dundas Square, downtown Toronto, is my favourite so far. Check it out πŸ™‚
You can order all you can eat FROM iPADS!!


7 thoughts on “Un-Sushi-ated

    • Lucky to have one right in your neighbourhood. I’ve got to travel about 45 minutes to MY fav places! What is the difference between sushi and sashimi by the way? See! Im still learning πŸ™‚

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  2. Good to see you writing again, but I’m on board with Marvin. Tried sushi before and decided I prefer my fish cooked. Raw just seems like a gig for people who can’t cook. Woo-hoo! Raw carrots!

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